We try to offer to our pets a life as close to nature and species-appropriate as possible. The horses live all year round on huge pastures rich in variety, they drink in the creeks and hide in the forests. We actually have two groups, one with stallions and geldings and one with the mares, their foals and Neon. In this way we can let the males grow to beautifully muscled horses before they have to be neutered and our mares won’t have a foal every year. Another important fact is, that our youngsters grow up in a group of mixed age horses, they learn from their elder respect and submission and that makes it very easy for us to work with them.

Our dogs are always with us. They come for rides, are with us while working and even accompany us to the rare trips to town. They live in the house with us, but spend most of the days outside. So far we have never had an issue with wild animals such as bear, cougar or coyote and I believe it is our “security-force”‘s credit. Knock on wood!

The cats live outside all year long. They have a little apartement underneath the attic which is insulated for the winter. Their part on the farm is to keep an eye on the mice…

The chickens are running completely free without fences. Nevertheless they usually stay within a 100 m distance of their coop and like to hide and rummage underneath trees and bushes, especially when an eagle is above them circling.

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