On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our Colored Warmblood breeding program.

Main sire of our breeding program is Neon, a Czech Warmblood stallion in cremello color. He was licensed with the Swiss Pinto Breeder’s Association (Pinto Zuchtverein Schweiz), the Special Color Switzerland and ECHA, the European Pinto Breeder’s Association (Europäischer Scheckenzuchtverband).
NEON gives to 100% a cream-dilution to his offspring (Palomino, Buckskin and Smoky Black).
He sired in 7 breeding years more than 20 foals, two of his sons were approved sires too.

On the following pages you will find more information about Neon and his offspring as well as about our actual stallion Skeena M.
Please visit our for sale page, maybe your future family member is amongst the available horses. Our horses have a quiet disposition, are easy to handle and eager to please. None of them ever caused a problem when starting them. Nevertheless they are suited not only for mowing the lawn, but also trail riding, sport and show.