Skeena M is born in March 2012, bred by myself out of the Arabian-Barb mare Kyito (Ivory Gold Champagne Overo) and sired by Sandoro, a licensed Oldenburg stallion (Black). He was judged by the ZSSE (European Pinto Breeding Association) as a foal and got 8.1 points and the gold award. Skeena is registered with the Swiss Cream Color Association.

He measures 163 cm still growing.


skeena1 skeena2

Skeena M Sandoro OLD San Amour Sandro Hit
Donna Doria Donnerschlag
Kyito Dingo OX


Kyito and Sandoro:
Kyito klein  23-5-Sandoro

I hoped for a champagne foal, but Kyito only gave him her overo spotting. The good thing is: overo spotting is very rare in warmbloods, usually you meet tobiano spotting. As with the tobiano spotting the horse has a base color and white patches. The difference is, that overo spotting does not cross the back and the edges of the white patches are more fringed. Additionaly, overo horses have a lot of white in the face and often one or two blue eyes. Overo spotted horses are always heterozygous, because a double copy of that gene is lethal (OLWS, see Wikipedia).
Skeena is minimally marked. He shows no typical signs of the overo spotting on his body and has only a wide blaze an two white stockings. But genetic tests confirmed, that he is carrying the Frame Overo gene. His first daughter Skagit S however is the best proof, she is a Palomino Overo out of a solid Palomino mare:
IMGP0128 (2)

I started Skeena lightly in spring 2015 (5 trail rides together with another horse). He did very well in all three gaits and was already easy to direct around or over fallen trees and through ditches.
As he is still growing he got another summer off and could play with the yearling’s colt on 15 ha of bush, hills, creek and pasture, the ideal training for healthy, strong muscles and legs! A few rides in fall showed that he didn’t forget what he had learned.

After two breeding seasons we decided to castrate all the males and keeping our 12 horses in one big heard.