I am here and happy to help you train your horse. My philosophy is, that a horse should have a diverse education. First it is less boring for both of you and second the horse will be more holistically trained.

A combination of ground work, lunging with single or double lunge, dressage work in hand or on long reins in addition to classic dressage and some low jumping teaches your (young) horse the basics for a healthy life as a reliable riding horse and happy partner.

With regularly scheduled lessons you and your horse learn together. You get new inputs and can train at home until the next lesson.

It is also possible to bring the horse to Makortoff’s Paradise Farm if you prefer your horse being trained by me. In the time individually adapted to your horse’s needs (usually not less than 3-4 month) it will learn the basics like being lead, grooming, following as a pony on trail rides… as well as ground work in hand, lunging and riding in all three gaits on light aids. I like to integrate you in the training too in order to teach you what the horse is learning. This way you will know how to continue with your training.

The following pages describe my work in the different disciplines I can teach you and your horse:

Ground work in hand
Lunging with single lunge
Lunging with double lunge
Dressage work in hand
Dressage on long reins
Circus lessons
Classic Dressage