Do you aim for

  • harmony between you and your horse?
  • a happily working, well trained horse?
  • dancing with your horse instead of fighting?
  • a horse that follows your thoughts through invisible aids?
  • riding to the highest levels with lightest reins?

I have the know-how to make your dreams come true!

Most important is the rider’s seat. It has to be balanced, free, sensible and sensitive to guaranty a loose seat and finest aids.

Your horse will be trained to a higher level of suppleness through many different exercises and will learn to carry more weight on the hindquarters. It is essential to me, that the horse is treated consequently, but in a fair way. It will learn to obey to light signals and your inner focus.

I will teach you and your horse with various and variable exercises efficiently to become one unit. The loosening work is of utmost importance. Lateral work, tempi, lead and pace changes as well as relaxing breaks prepare the horse for further work. During the work phase of the lesson, we work on your specific problems or goals and terminate the lesson with quiet, stretching and relaxing work or a bit of gymnastics for the rider while the horse can freely walk and relax.

There will be no rollkur riding or false neck bend with a non-elastic, non-resonant horse’s back in my lessons. Your horse will have to stretch and relax after every sequence of work and the forehead-nose-line remains in front of the vertical.

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