Not only for riders, but everyone interested in equine behavior.

It is important to know how a horse „talks“ and what it wants to „tell“.

Horses express themselves most of the time with body language and very rarely with sounds.
To get to know equine communication you need a lot of time. It is about observing horses, what do they do, how do others re-/act?

Questions to answer:

  • How does a horse express itself?
  • Which body part is expressing what?
  • When does a horse use which gestures and facial expressions?
  • Do all horses of a group conduct themselves in the same way or are some individuals different?
  • What does that mean to me?

Studying equine behavior means observing, describing and interpreting. I’ll help you to understand horses correctly, give you some approaches and explain the most important behavioral patterns.

Our 12 horses live in one big heard and therefore offer a great incentive for behavioral studies.

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