• You would like to concentrate only on you and your body?
  • Did some bad habits sneak in (eyes down on your horse’s neck, shoulders fall forwards, fists are jumping…) or you feel less supple than in the past?

Seated lunge can help!

You can refine yourself without having to care for the horse. You can feel its movements, paces, rhythm and pattern and adjust, refine and improve your posture and movements.

While being lunged the rider can focus on different exercises which help improve body awareness for a supple, quiet seat and refine the aids given. I place importance on the inner attitude, on the focus of the rider and add several visualizing exercises, some Feldenkrais oriented exercises and a bit of gymnastics to my lessons to improve the overall package of body consciousness, posture and determination. Even riding over small jumps might help to solve problems and increase the courage.

You will get some tips for recreational sports or stretching as well, all to help you getting a better, safer or more precise feeling on your horse.

I usually begin a seated lunge lesson with some gymnastics on the horse. It has loosening and invigorating effects and gives you more confidence sitting and moving in a saddle. After this warm-up we work on your personal topic. Some relaxing exercise complete the lesson.

If you own a quiet, obedient horse which is used to lunging and does not freak out when somebody is moving on its back, we can do the seated lunge lesson with it. Otherwise I have 2 very calm and used to seated lunge horses.

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