Our farm is very basic. We are not hooked up to BC Hydro (power network), nor some community water system. There is also no cell service neither radio program. We produce our power with a set of solar panels and store it in a battery bank. The water comes out of a well. The toilet is a outhouse, but relatively easy to keep clean. We have limited Wi-Fi internet to use jointly.

Our next neighbours are 5 km away, the general store to cover basic shopping needs and the post office is 25 km from us and the next city with airport and shopping malls (Williams Lake, BC) is 70 km and a good hour’s drive away.

We usually eat all together on the same table as a big family. We are vegetarians and cook for you ovo-lacto-vegetarian dishes too. If you need your piece of meat, you can bring it and prepare it yourself on the bbq in the garden. I will not prepare meat in my kitchen.
We drink water or tea and do no booze. But you are free to drink whatever you want to bring with you.

We are atheists and do not pray before a meal. Those who wish to are of course treated with respect and won’t be laughed down.

We talk four languages fluently: German, Swiss German, French and English. I understand Italian too, but it won’t result in a fluent conversation as my knowledges are really basic.

Our 9 dogs are running free on the farm. Normally they stay around the cabin or are with us on the property. Guest dogs are welcome as long as they get along with all our animals (cats, dogs, chickens, horses) and don’t chase somebody around.

We do not assume any liability for accidents, injuries or losses of personal objects during your stay on and around Paradise Farm. Our guests are responsible themselves for an appropriate insurance in case of illness or accidents. You can take out a travel insurance at any local insurance company and cover yourself at a daily basis. For activities with horses we recommend an addition in your third party insurance covering horses and riding. If you bring your dog, we also recommend an addition covering your dog’s acts.

We would like to emphasize that an animal despite a careful, professional rearing, training, keeping and work always is an animal and could (re)act unexpectedly. The fluffiest cat can defend herself with a bite or a dog catches not only the toy but also a finger. This is with no ill intent, but it’s his or her answer to stress of any kind or happens in the whirl of excitement. Our chickens are tame and are fed daily out of the hand. Nevertheless the roosters are sometimes a bit aggressive towards male persons. Best is to avoid eye contact and give them enough space. The horses are all nice, well-behaved and according to their age well-trained animals. However they still can be frightened suddenly or overlook somebody. We therefore ask our guests to follow our instructions and to allow our animals the needed individual distance and privacy.

You are welcome to help us feeding our pets but we do not like if they get food from the table or treats all the time. This is to avoid wrangling that could lead to accidents and misbehavior. Or do you like drooling dogs sitting next to your table and cats stealing your food from the plate…?