Lunge work is efficient, has many aspects and is fun for rider and horse. I am not talking about the simple, boring centrifuging of a horse while the rider drills his heel in the ground…

All you need is a lunge, a snugly fitting halter and a lunge whip to train, work, assist or correct your horse. A temporary use of auxiliary reins can help a horse understand and learn a healthier posture, especially in case of a horse with underdeveloped back muscles.

Lunging isn’t a stupid running in circles. You can lunge different figures (circles, volts, squares, changements of lead, serpentines…), different gaits and tempi, backing up or add rails, cavaletti or jumps, all to improve your horse’s condition, balance, attitude, agility and coordination together with learning to pay attention on and respecting little signals from the rider.

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