If you want to jump with your horse as a unit and are tired of pulling on the reins of a running horse, Chiron style jumping is a good solution.

The Chiron style is suitable for beginners or scared riders as well as all others. The rider learns a balanced, light, but stable position over the saddle and the horse learns to think and bascule. Soon after both will enjoy jumping obstacles of all kinds.

Chiron style jumping was developed by the German Rolf Becher after the ideas of Italian Frederico Caprilli († 1907). Caprilli was promoting a riding style with the most possible freedom for the horse, the „school of no-interference“: a soft, light hand on the bit and a balanced seat with bent body and foundation-like stand in the stirrups, what allowed the rider to follow the horse’s movements elastically and well balanced.

The base of the correct, horse-friendly seat is the foundation of knee, calf and foot together with the position of the upper body. By taking the shoulders deeper the hip moves backwards and a triangle of shoulders, hip and knee is the result. Shoulder, knee and stirrup build a vertical line. The stirrup sits under the widest part of the foot what gives the feeling of standing on the ground. Arms and hands follow the movements of the horse’s neck towards the bit and allow the horse to bascule.

With the Chiron method your horse is trained to become more self-dependend, its self-confidence and character are positively influenced. The most important is the confidence between rider and horse.

We start with seat- and rhythm exercises, also over poles on the ground, low cavaletti and low in-outs, followed by exercises for turns and changes, pole-work and jumps and finally natural obstacles.

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