Many horse owners can’t travel with their horse to our place. There are several reasons and most of them are understandable. Therefore I decided to drive to my client’s places.

Weekly or according to your needs I’ll come teach you and your horse at your place.

For groups of at least 4 riders with a suitable place to train I offer full-day clinics. A clinic-day is around 6 hours long, the costs for actively participating riders with horse are 100$, for spectators 20$. These prices include taxes but exclude my expenses for trip and boarding.

Depending on the training theme a clinic can be one, two or more days, either in a row or with some days between them in order to train at home for the next part of the clinic.
It is also possible to combine two themes in one day: Lunging and Circus Lessons or Classic Dressage and Work in Hand for instance are nice combinations. According to the number of participants and the theme(s) each rider-horse-team works several times a day. Hence a good condition of both is of advantage. During your breaks you can learn a lot from watching the other riders work.

Please contact me with your ideas and needs so as to develop your customized clinic!

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